Seek Legal Counsel Right Away

A common mistake many people make when it comes to filing bankruptcy is to wait too long to schedule a consultation. Most attorneys offer a free initial consultation. At the conclusion of the consultation, the attorney will generally provide you a fee agreement to take with you. If you decide to proceed with the filing, start putting money away right away that you would otherwise spend on debt payments.

Do not make the mistake of filing a pro se bankruptcy case. Filing bankruptcy through an attorney is much more affordable than you might believe. If you are lower wage, your legal fees are usually much lower than high income filers. The bankruptcy code is complex. Drafting, filing, and serving the required documents is not easy. Many technical issues can result in your case being dismissed. The bankruptcy court is not forgiving when it comes to technical errors in your paperwork. You should be prepared for anything if you file bankruptcy without an attorney.

Many people seek out professional assistance only when they find it is not possible for them to cope with the technicalities and the paperwork involved. If you hire a bankruptcy lawyer at the last moment, you may not have time to choose the right one. You may have to rush through the selection process and you may end up choosing someone that you are not entirely comfortable working with or who overcharges you.

It is very important that you should feel comfortable working with your bankruptcy attorney. You will have to interact with your bankruptcy attorney regularly. The sooner you start the process the better.

When you are filing your bankruptcy, you may have lot of questions and doubts. If you wait until the eleventh hour to hire your bankruptcy lawyer, you and your attorney may not have adequate time to plan the date of filing. Bankruptcy is all about timing. If you file too soon or too late, it could end up costing you. For example, certain priority debts can only be discharged after a requisite number of years have passed. If you file too soon, these debts will not be discharged. A Colorado bankruptcy lawyer will help you plan ahead to ensure your debts are discharged and your assets are protected.

By planning ahead, you will have time to make better choices and wiser decisions. Last minute preparations often result in less than favorable results which could have been avoided had you and your attorney been able to plan the filing date ahead of time. Just as you would not wait to see a doctor or counselor, you should seek legal counsel right away as well.