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  • Bankruptcy Tax Refund
Tax Refunds and Bankruptcy Will You Lose Your Tax Refund if You File Bankruptcy? Whether the bankruptcy trustee can take a portion of your tax refund depends on several factors. If you have already spent your refund, the trustee cannot...
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  • Credit Card Bankruptcy
Keep Credit Card After Chapter 7 If you have a balance on a credit card at the time you file, you must list that debt on your petition. The bankruptcy laws require that you list all your debts even the...
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  • File for Bankruptcy
Should I File Bankruptcy? If you are asking yourself this question, you are not alone. The path to debt relief is not as long or as lonely as you might think. Every year thousands of people across the State file bankruptcy....
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  • bankruptcy law
Bankruptcy and Divorce Filing divorce can have a significant impact on the spouses’ finances especially for dual income households. Many spouses incur substantial legal fees during the divorce process as well. One of the spouses may be required to pay...
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  • Chapter 13 vs 7 Bankruptcy
Pre-Bankruptcy Planning If you are struggling to maintain your debt obligations, you should speak to an attorney. An ethical attorney will not push you to file bankruptcy but will provide you the advice you need to make your own informed...
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  • bankruptcy attorney near me
Seek Legal Counsel Right Away A common mistake many people make when it comes to filing bankruptcy is to wait too long to schedule a consultation. Most attorneys offer a free initial consultation. At the conclusion of the consultation, the...
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