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Colorado Bankruptcy Court

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 is the most common form of debt relief under the bankruptcy code.

Chapter 7 allows debtors to walk-away from their debts free and clear without a repayment plan.

This form of bankruptcy is often referred to as a bankruptcy liquidation, however, most cases filed by this office are no-asset cases. We work with our clients to ensure the chapter 7 trustee does not liquidate (collect and sell) any of your personal property. In some cases it is unavoidable, however, you will know what to expect before your case is filed so you can make an informed decision.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

A chapter 13 is an income based monthly payment plan.

A debtor may choose to file under chapter 13 rather than chapter 7 for many reasons including:

  • To bring a mortgage current
  • Income is too high to qualify for a chapter 7
  • The debtor received a chapter 7  discharge in the last 8 years
  • To obtain relief from significant tax debts
  • To avoid liquidation of high value assets in a chapter 7 such as a second home or in some rare cases a primary residences.

A debt consolidation may be a good option if your debt consists only of credit cards and personal loans. If you have other debts, such as medical, payday loans, rental, or auto loan deficiencies, consolidation is not an option. In most cases, a chapter 13 bankruptcy will be much more affordable than a debt consolidation because it is based on ability to pay. Rarely do clients pay back their balances in full in a chapter 13. Additionally there is no interest charged in a 13. A debt consolidation lowers your interest and consolidates your debts into a repayment plan for those creditors who elect to participate in the plan. However, you will pay back your debts in full through a consolidation plan.

Debt settlement is rarely a good option. Most debt settlement companies simply take your money and offer very little benefit in return. These firms will have you stop making payments to creditors because many creditors will eventually offer to settle your debt at a reduced balance. You do not need a firm for this type of work.

Consumer Rights Law

If a creditor has violated your rights while attempting to collect a debt, Mr. Foster can help.

I have obtained judgments against creditors for violating my clients rights under state and federal consumer debt protection laws including the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

Distressed Business Solutions

Strategic Alternatives for Distressed Businesses.

There are many forms of  relief available to established business owners including chapter 11 bankruptcy, alternative long-term and short-term funding, and loan workouts.

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