Paying for Bankruptcy

I am often asked if I accept installment payments. I must inform prospective clients that attorneys are prohibited from demanding payment after a bankruptcy case is filed. Attorneys have been disbarred for this. I keep my overhead and other expenses to a minimum and pass the savings on to my clients through lower attorney’s fees. I believe representation in bankruptcy is important and should be accessible to individuals who could otherwise not afford it. If you are currently being garnished, I can work with you to file your case with limited money down.

If you believe filing bankruptcy may provide you the relief you need, considering speaking to an attorney regarding your eligibility. It is advisable that you pay your attorney’s fees with money that might otherwise have gone to pay unsecured creditors (credit cards, medical, etc). It is better to pay for legal representation rather than continue to pay an unsecured debt that is going to be discharged in a chapter 7 bankruptcy or re-structured in a chapter 13.

It is all too common for my clients to have spent years struggling to keep up with their debts before speaking to an attorney. As a result, they lose out on trips to see family. They limit their fun activities and other entertainment. Some forego necessities like new cloths and household wares. Most have bad credit by the time they file bankruptcy and have an active garnishment or judgments. People put off filing bankruptcy even when it makes sense because of common bankruptcy myths or because they think they are not eligible for chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Filing bankruptcy is a serious matter, I suggest you contact a lawyer you feel comfortable working with rather than go it alone. The majority of pro se bankruptcy petitions are dismissed for failure to follow the rules and there are implications associated with repeat filing. In other cases, the debtor may lose assets to the bankruptcy trustee that could have been protected. The exemptions must be properly claimed.

In addition to legal fees, the Bankruptcy Court charges a filing fee of $335.00 for a Chapter 7 case, and $305.00 for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy case. The court fees can be paid after the case is filed.