Bankruptcy is the legal process of discharging your debts (chapter 7) or reorganizing your finances (chapter 13). When done correctly, it can help you shed debt and achieve a fresh start. But bankruptcy is not something that you should go into lightly. If you are thinking about filing for bankruptcy, it is recommended you hire a bankruptcy attorney to represent you. The laws that control bankruptcy can be complex and may vary depending on where you file. For these reasons, you will want to select an attorney who will be able to help you successfully navigate the bankruptcy process. Before you do so, you should review this useful information on how you can select the right attorney for you and your financial future.

Why Do I Need A Bankruptcy Attorney?

While it is possible to file bankruptcy without an attorney, it is not advisable for a variety of reasons. Most importantly, hiring a lawyer will give you the guidance you need to determine whether bankruptcy is the right move for you and, if so, which form of bankruptcy to pursue. A lawyer can provide you the pros and cons of filing. You should know what to expect when you are represented by an attorney. You must also understand that bankruptcy is a legal process that will require court filings and court hearings. The legal terms and phrases used in the filings and court paperwork may be confusing without the help of an experienced lawyer. The legal documents you need to file are complex and the process is unforgiving of errors. A bankruptcy case requires that certain deadlines be met. Failure to meet them can result in your bankruptcy petition being dismissed. If you have a lawyer, then they will keep track of all of that for you.

Choosing The Right Bankruptcy Lawyer

Any professional relationship is built on trust and mutual respect. In selecting a bankruptcy lawyer, you will want to look for qualities that give you confidence that your case will be managed well in their hands.

You also want someone who will take the time to explain what is happening in your case. It is important to be sure that their communication style meshes with yours. While some attorneys prefer to communicate via email, others may rely heavily on phone calls or text messages. No matter which method is used, you will want an attorney who is sensitive to your needs and will keep you up to date on your case.

Because the rules surrounding bankruptcy can differ depending on your financial background, it is recommended to hire an attorney who is familiar with the bankruptcy laws in your State. You should also be cautious of lawyers who claim to be able to handle any type of case. While these lawyers may be able to do an adequate job representing you, an attorney that dedicates the majority of their practice to bankruptcy cases may be more familiar with bankruptcy law and have established relationships with court personnel and judges. That can make a difference.

The Lawyer’s Fee

Being clear on how much your lawyer will charge is an essential factor when deciding who you will hire. Most lawyers will have you sign a fee agreement before they will take on your case. This document should explain how you will be billed and under what conditions your lawyer is to be paid. Be sure to ask any questions that you may have about the fee arrangement before you sign. If your attorney does not give you an outlined fee agreement, you will want to ask for written confirmation of their fee structure before they begin to work on your case.

If you are filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, a portion of the lawyer’s fee may be included in your repayment plan. The upfront fee in a chapter 13 is about $1500. The national average fee for a lawyer to handle a straightforward chapter 7 bankruptcy case ranges from $1,500 to $3,000. However, this firm’s fees are much more reasonable than the national average and range from $700 to $1500 for an individual chapter 7 bankruptcy depending the complexity of the case.

Colorado Bankruptcy Lawyer

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