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Fast Service

Fastest Turn-Around Time for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Colorado. In most cases we can file a simple consumer chapter 7 bankruptcy in a few days. If your case is more complex, it may take longer.

Fair Fixed-Rate Fees for Chapter 7

Our fees are based on each client’s unique financial situation. Some cases are more difficult than others particularly self-employed filers and certain real estate owners. However, if you are a low wage earner with no valuable assets, you will pay less.

Fantastic Support

You will always meet with and correspond directly with your bankruptcy attorney. Your attorney will continue to represent you after your discharge. Questions may arise long after your case is closed. We will always respond in a timely manner.

900+ Successful Bankruptcy Filings Since 2008

Your attorney has been practicing bankruptcy law since 2008 and has represented a wide range of cases from simple chapter 7 cases to complex chapter 13 reorganizations. No case is too simple or complex. Clients include self-employed professionals, small business owners, wage earners and low income debtors.
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Schedule a Free Initial Consultation

Attorney William Foster will discuss your options under the bankruptcy code and the documents and information needed to file. You will be provided a proposed fee agreement to take with you for review.  After the first meeting, we leave it for you to decide whether to continue with the process.

Gather Information and Documents

Paycheck stubs or profit and loss statements, last two years tax returns, collection letters, mortgage and auto loan statements, credit counseling certificate, complete online questionnaire.

Follow-up Consultation

Be prepared to discuss your financial situation in more depth including your assets (household goods, collectibles, vehicles, retirement accounts, etc), financial background, income and expenses. At the end of the meeting, we will review and sign your bankruptcy petition and schedules.

Attend 341(a) Bankruptcy Meeting

Attorney William Foster will discuss the types of questions the trustee asks in every case as well as the questions the trustee will more than likely ask in your case. If you have any non-exempt assets your attorney will discuss that with you prior to the 341 meeting. The trustee is responsible for collecting and liquidating non-exempt assets. Most cases are no asset cases.

Receive a Discharge 60 Days Later

After your 341(a) meeting you may be required to provide the bankruptcy trustee additional information such as your next years tax returns. You must comply with the trustee’s requests to receive and maintain your discharge. Prior to receiving your discharge, you may decide to reaffirm certain debts such as auto loans and mortgages. You will also take the second credit counseling course.

Start Rebuilding Your Credit

Your bankruptcy attorney is one of a few attorneys who offers advice on how to rebuild credit specific to your unique credit profile. The goal of a bankruptcy should not be to simply receive a discharge. To realize a fresh start, you must rebuild your credit for the future.

For Small Business Owners and Professionals

Your attorney has represented small business owners and self-employed professionals (e.g. accountants, real estate brokers, lawyers) in personal chapter 7 and chapter 13 reorganization as well as chapter 11 business reorganization. If you are experiencing a temporary lull in business or you got in over your head with business debts, we can help to save your business and get you back to focusing on generating income. In some cases, it makes more sense to avoid bankruptcy altogether.

Mid to Low Income Wage Earners

If you are regularly employed and just getting by because you are spending too much money servicing your debt obligations, you may be a good candidate for a chapter 7.  We offer reasonable fixed-fee representation for regular wage earners.

High Income Wage Earners

If you are a high income wage earner you may still qualify for a chapter 7. We have successfully qualified above median income earners for chapter 7. If we cannot squeeze you into a chapter 7, a chapter 13 may be a good solution. We will work hard to minimize your monthly chapter 13 payment so as to increase the chances of a successful reorganization. You may be good candidate for chapter 13 if you have valuable assets that would be lost in a chapter 7.

Experience You Can Trust

At a Price You Can Afford

Successful Chapter 7 and 13 Bankruptcy Cases


Satisfaction Rate

Your Attorney Takes Client Support Seriously.

No question is too small, no answer is too simple. Whatever issues or questions you may encounter you can count on attorney William Foster to respond in a timely manner. Call now for a free initial consultation.

Your Attorney Will Always Be There to Support You for Years to Come.

Your case will be represented by one of the most dedicated bankruptcy attorneys in the industry.

Our office hours are 8:30am to 5:30pm. After hour initial phone consultations available. Call now for a price quote. 

To schedule a consultation with attorney William Foster use one of the options below.

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