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Stop Unwanted Collection Calls
If you are receiving unwanted calls to your cell phone, an attorney can put a stop to the calls and seek financial damages from the creditor in court for any violations of debt collection laws. Before contacting an attorney, please read the about various types of violations below.

If you believe your rights have been violated by a creditor, please call us at 303-297-7729 to discuss your case with an attorney.

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) Requires debt collectors to provide certain information which many debt collectors fail to provide including:

• Their identity at the start of the call
• Name and Address of the original creditor which is information debt collectors rarely provide
• Documentation of the debt within 5 days of initial contact
• Information about your right to dispute the debt

The FDCPA bans common debt collection practices including
• Calls between 9PM and 8AM.
• Repeated calls – this is a grey area and is the main reason you need to track your calls
• Any calls after the debtor has sent written notice to stop
• Calling your employer, friends, family or co-workers and telling them they are collecting a debt against you. Debt collectors may call your associates for the sole purpose of trying to locate you.
• Calling a debtor after that person has filed for bankruptcy or retained an attorney
• Threatening you with criminal charges over an unpaid debt
• Making false or misleading statements to coerce you into paying the debt
• Many other forms of deception, unfairness or harassment


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